Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

Fr Joseph Diacono



1847, 16th August :


Fr Joseph Diacono, was born at Victoria, Gozo, in the house of Via Casa Carbo (today 71, St. Orsola Str.) of Angelo Diacono and Maria Cassar. He was baptized on the same day in the Parish (today Collegiate Basilica) of St.George, by the Vice Parish priest Fr Lorenzo Cutajar. He was given the names of Joseph, Antonio, Serafino and Giorgio. His godfathers were Luigi Bezzina and his wife Ġiġa.


1856, 30th August :

Receives the sacrament of Confirmation in the Matrice Collegiate church (today Cathedral) of Gozo, by His Excellency Mgr. Giuseppe Maria Bravi, Bishop of Ceylon (today Sri Lanka). Ġanni Borg was his godfather.


1871, 4th March :

The dearest day of his life. The young Diacono was ordained priest in the Cathedral of the new Diocese by His Excellency Mgr. Anton Grech Delicata, Bishop of Gozo. Fr Joseph Diacono is the 29th priest of the new Diocese.


1872, 1st November :

He was given the first pastoral work in the Diocese. He was nominated Vicendario in the church of our Lady of the Patronage, situated in Għasri.



He was nominated Vicendario in the church of St.Paul of the Shipwreck, at Marsalforn. It is likely that his nomination has been made in June , because he served in the church of our Lady of the Patronage till the end of May 1875.


1876, 1st February :


The Archpriest of the Cathedral of Gozo, Mgr. Felice Refalo, nominated hin his Vicar in St. George's Parish. On the same day he had the opportunity ti baptize for the first time as Vice Parish priest, in the same church where he himself was baptized; the newly baptized was called Marianna Cutajar.


1878, 4th January :


The Archpriest Mgr. Felice Refalo sent him as Spiritual Director of the Association of the "Crowns of the twelve stars of the Heart of Jesus" which Carmela Xerri, a good soul of Victoria, Gozo, had initiated. On that day Fr Joseph met the girls and spoke to them. The meetings resumed regularly, first in the house of Carmela and later in the house they rented purposely in Għajn Qatet Street, 54, Victoria.