Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

Fr Joseph Diacono




1880, 2nd January :

Fr Joseph was nominated Vice Director of St. Calcedonio Retreat House, in the outskirts of Victoria, with the obligation of residing there.


1880, 13th August :

The "Crown of the Twelve Stars" made much progress in the spiritual life, so much so that on the Assumption of 1880, always guided by Fr Joseph, the girls decided to embrace the Rule of the Third Order Regular of St Francis of Assisi. Fr Joseph Diacono who directed it from the start, and therefore was considered the Founder, requested the necessary authorization from His Excellency the Most Rev. Mgr. Pietro Pace, Bishop of Gozo, on their behalf.


1880, 1st September :

His Excellency the Most Rev. Mgr. Pietro Pace, by the decree "Cum Nostri Pastoralis Muneris", granted the permission for the permission for the establishment of the Diocesan Religious Congregation.

On the 1st September 1880 the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus, known at that time as "is-Sorijiet tal-istilla" was officially born.

The principal aim of this Congregation was the education of poor children.


1880, 8th September :

The Founder made the first Solemn Clothing of the first 8 members.


1881, 10th February :

The Founder gave the habit of Franciscan Tertiary to Virginia De Brincat, an eighteen year old girl from Kerċem, Gozo. She took the name of "Virġinia della Beata Margherita". She was admitted to the new Congregation on the 5th February.


1881, 22nd March :

Fr Joseph, after a competitve examination, is nominated Chaplain at Qala, Gozo.


1881, 12th May :

In the Parish-Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception, Fr Joseph was given the official investiture of Parish Priest by the Rev. Canon Saver Formosa.


1882, 19th March :

Few days, after his investiture as Chaplain of Qala, Fr Joseph started to search for a plot of land where he could build a new church. On the 15th June 1881 he bought a plot of land called "della Croce". He himself made the design of the new church and on St Joseph 1882 the first stone was laid by His Excellency the Most Rev. Mgr. Pietro Pace.


1883, 5th August :

Sr Geltrude Darmanin was nominated Primaria and commenced to direct the new Religious Congregation. The remoteness of the Founder from the Sisters' House at Victoria, created diverse problems for the young Congregation. On the 17th August Virginia De Brincat made the Temporary Profession.


1884, 27th November :

The Rev. Canon Giovanni Saliba blessed and laid the first stone for the building of the chirch designed by Fr Joseph himself named for The Most Holy Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus annexed to the House of Charity, a house in which lived for a short time the new Franciscan Tertiaries.