Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

Mother  Margherita Debrincat


Mother Margherita, her heart overflowing with love towards her sweet Crucified mm with chSpouse, realised the importance of moulding her own life and that of the Congregation on the Gospel.


In this evangelical programme she was enlightened and supported by an explicit point of reference: to place at the centre of her life an ardent love towards the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist, in an attitude of adoration, of praise, of thanksgiving, of immolation and of reparation.


In her correspondence, particularly in her letters to her confessors and to the sisters, as well as in the recollections of those sisters who had the fortune of living with her and who received the light that radiated from her example and her words, there is a phrase that summarises the intensity and authenticity of her spiritual life:


“Let us love Love (i.e. God)” Devoted daughter and faithful follower of the Seraphic Father of Assisi, whose soul was aflame with the fire of love, and who asked God to “die of love”, she was completely imbued with his spirit and in this phrase did nothing but re-echo St Francis’ yearning. “Let us love Love”.


The love to which Mother Margherita refers and to which she wanted everything, in her and in her daughters and sisters referred, was not something abstract, earthly, or sentimental: it was God Himself, the Blessed Trinity, the beginning and end of our being, the supreme ideal of all our desires and hopes; He whom our Father St Francis of Assisi termed: “You are Good, all Good, supreme Good. You alone are good! You are love!”


Mother Margherita reiterated: “As a consequence of love, I often feel I’m on fire…Oh let us immerse ourselves in that Ocean of Love, of Infinite Love, of Eternal Love!!!… Let us love Him to folly! And when, when shall we love Him, up there? And when shall we be one fire? One light? One All?…How tired, worn-out, dissipated the poor heart of your small daughter feels!”


These are only a few of the many expression which we frequently come across in her letters. The source from which this love burst forth was: a profound, simple faith, an active and dynamic faith lived out with fidelity; an absolute hope, a hope without hesitation, even in the most difficult moments of her life.


On this strong foundation of faith and hope, she added a profound and convinced humility, together with a continual struggle against self-love, a spirit of poverty that reached the limits of human forbearance, an obedience which at times seemed absurd, a love for the Rule and the Congregation which extended to the most minute details.


At the same time she nourished a love, immense as the sea, towards all, but especially towards the poor and abandoned, which spurred her on, enkindled with a missionary zeal that impelled her to conquer continents, an ardent love for the Church and the Pope. Mother Margherita was ablaze with the desire to save souls.


“Let us love Love”: this is the peak towards which all the movements of Mother Margherita’s soul and her spiritual ascent converge and connect. Justifiably, therefore, Mother Margherita can and should be considered an expert in sanctity and a sure guide in the science of love. Mother Margherita’s personality and spirituality are likewise messages of love. Her whole life is a practical expression of love, strong as death, that impelled her to climb her Calvary serenely, and gave her the courage to drink, till the last drops, the bitter chalice of suffering, thus consuming her yearning for God and for souls.