Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

The Formation Process

Temporary Profession

Through the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, the novice consecrates herself to God as a Franciscan Sister of the Heart of Jesus, becoming a member of the Congregation.


    It is a phase when the young girl consolidates her communal experience living as a Franciscan nun of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to acquire professional formation concerning our services in the Church.






The Juniorate


 The cultural and professional formation of the Juniors is well taken care of. They follow special studies to achieve academic success.


    This vast undertaking along with other current work for youth formation becomes finally integrated with other activities: music, school, design and crafts. This phase normally lasts five years.


Perpetual Profession


At the end of this phase, the young nun takes her perpetual vows and dedicates her whole life to the Lord. She is then sent by the Provincial Superior to begin her mission with God's people, exercise her gifts and talents while living her life according to the norms of our Congregation.




Permanent Formation



After taking her permanent vows , every Franciscan nun of the Sacred Heart of Jesus continues her formative work in order to live always according to the Gospel trying to live her mission.


    Great care and attention is dedicated to the nuns’ permanent formation not only through numerous periodical internal initiatives, but also through the participation in those promoted by religious and diocese sectors.


    Every nun will have particular formation moments to be able to do God’s will in her life. She will have an annual plan of adjournment, of spiritual renewal through related teachings in order to strengthen her faith and can then proclaim as our Father St. Francis did: “God is my All”.