Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.



The main characteristics of the Charism of our Congregation are:


·    We commit ourselves to adhere fully to the Gospel, according to the form inspired to St. Francis of Assisi; in sincere humility, simple joy, apostolic zeal, fervsfour and serving others especially the poor, following in the footsteps of our founders Rev. Giuseppe Diacono and the Servant of God, Mother Margherita De Brincat.

·  Imprinting the evangelic seal of minority and of poverty, as St. Francis of Assisi had done as distinctive signs in his life and in his Order.

· We commit ourselves to place in the centre of our life an ardent love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as the centre of a contemplative life mainly concentrating on the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

· Following the exhortations of our foundress Madre Margherita De Brincat: making ourselves victims of pure love sacrificing ourselves to the merciful love of the Sacred Heart for humanity to obtain forgiveness which compensates for the many offences God receives.